Hello, we are inSayn

but we are not insane to say

there are ways to change the world

What´s about

Through the right education,

through awareness, compassion

and gaming ...

Yes Gaming!

We are indie game developers who can provide you, your kids or your grannies with awesome game experience. But not only that.

Our games strive to achieve environmental and/or social goals and through the best educational activity (play) share an enthusiasm of these values with millions of users.

...Because this world is worth it...


Empathy and video games

Video games – in comparison to other media – have the ability to make humans more empathetic. As you slip into the role you become a roleplayer yourself. It is then possible to uncover abuses in our society, showing to people the suffering of others, letting them become victims as well as saviours — getting them involved.

A recent project overview

Jump - Run - Sneak - Collect - Fight - Craft - Learn - Achieve!

A 2D Platformer in which we want to tell the fate of female orangutan, by following her diverse, crazy – but realistic – journey of her life. We do not want to be understood as animal or environmental activists, but rather as conscious makers of various circumstances which usually are only mediated on a dry and factual manner. We would like to take the opportunity offered to us by the genre video games and heave it to a new level.


Also, we would like to take the opportunity to target a wider community, that is usually not aware of these topics. Our greatest wish is to make the world environmentaly sustainable, tolerant and peaceful place. We would like to be a voice of those who are oppressed and unheard. We believe that the potential of video games is not completely exhausted. One of our main goals is to support and convey knowledge and understanding through fictional stories that are nevertheless based on realistic frameworks. Learning through gaming is more fun and it is simply easy. It gives us the chance to grasp whatever topic we choose and whatever goal we set. Spreading knowledge should be at the very start of every social or environmental movement.

inSayn has the power and capacity to spread this knowledge.

But How? How? How?

Through narratives, we want to spread knowledge. Through collectibles, the player gathers information and widens his/her knowledge in the particular topic. The environment and game mechanics lead to a general compassion.

The substance is Game Fun


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Big orangutan Shout

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